The World Machine (almost in entirety)

this is just great!

Ordered Universe

Although on the damp side, the penultimate night of Lumiere Durham was a great success. Various members of the Ordered Universe team gathered in Durham, for the start of the Being Human, Festival of Humanities (see forthcoming post!). We were very glad to be joined for the day and evening by artist Alexandra Carr whose work is heavily based around science and natural phenomena. We were able through Keith Bartlett’s very kind offices to see the World Machine from an unusual vantage point; the results are below. The whole show really has been amazing to watch over the course of the last few days; to see the scientists from the Institute for Computational Cosmology, from undergraduates to the Directors, so involved in the project; and to see the results created by Ross Ashton, John Del’Nero and Isobel Waller Bridge exemplifying the Ordered Universe methodology, laying medieval conceptual frameworks and images over…

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